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  • Use of Glass Powder as Partial Replacement of Cement in

    Use Of Glass Powder As Partial Replacement Of Cement In

    Glass powder concrete increases the compressive, tensile and flexural strength effectively, when compared with conventional concrete. Beyond 25 there is a decrease in compressive strength and Split tensile strength for 28 and 7days curing period. There is a decrease in workability as the replacement level increases, and hence water consumption ...

  • Performance of Using Waste Glass Powder In Concrete

    Performance Of Using Waste Glass Powder In Concrete

    The results indicate that the concrete with using waste glass powder were able to increase the workability of concrete and also the compressive strength. However, the density is reduced compare to standard mixture of concrete. Keywords Waste glass powder in concrete, workability of concrete and standard mixture of concrete-

  • Effect of Glass Powder on Geopolymer Concrete

    Effect Of Glass Powder On Geopolymer Concrete

    glass powder in geopolymer concrete have been conducted in the previous years itself. In contrast there is a limited number of studies based on the temperature curing of glass powder incorporated fly ash based geopolymer concrete. Due to the contradiction and variations in the available test results cor-

  • Full article Effect of glass powder on the compression

    Full Article Effect Of Glass Powder On The Compression

    Sep 07, 2017 To study the effects of glass powder on the properties of concrete, series of test were done the amount of cement was maintained constant and the glass powder was taken by ratio of cement. This approach aimed to distinguish between the role of the cement and that of the glass powder. Two campaigns were made, for 350 and 400 kg amount of cement.

  • PDF Waste glass powder as cement replacement in concrete

    Pdf Waste Glass Powder As Cement Replacement In Concrete

    The pozzolanic reactivity of waste glass powder was experimentally studied at cement replacement levels of 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 by weight. Results revealed that the concrete compressive strength was not decreased by the cement substitution after 28 days because of the pozzolanic reaction between glass powders and cement hydration products, if the replacement is below 30.

  • Application of Waste Glass Powder as a Partial Cement

    Application Of Waste Glass Powder As A Partial Cement

    Use of waste materials in concrete is now a global trend for efficient waste management so as to achieve a sustainable green environment and with the added advantages of preserving the natural resources as well as producing a better performing concrete. This study examined the properties of concrete containing ground waste glass powder GP as partial replacement for cement.

  • Studies on Glass Powder as Partial Replacement of Cement

    Studies On Glass Powder As Partial Replacement Of Cement

    Glass powder was partially replaced as 10, 20, 30 and 40 and tested for its compressive, Tensile and flexural strength up to 60 days of age and were compared with those of conventional concrete from the results obtained , it is found that glass powder can be used as cement replacement material upto particle size less than 75m to prevent ...

  • Glass powder replacement for cementby ananth k p coorg

    Glass Powder Replacement For Cementby Ananth K P Coorg

    Nov 11, 2014 Glass powder replacement for ananth k p coorg. 1. Performance of Using Waste Glass Powder in Concrete As Replacement Of Cement ANANTH KRISHNA K P. 2. INTRODUCTION As we know now a days ,most of developing country facing shortage of post consumers disposal waste site and it has become very serious problem.

  • Influence of Glass Powder on Rheological Properties of

    Influence Of Glass Powder On Rheological Properties Of

    Replacing cement and silica fume with glass powder to prepare ultra-high performance concrete UHPC is beneficial to solve the ecological problem in the field of civil engineering, but the technologies of preparation, transportation, pumping, and hardening of UHPC mainly relate to its rheological property. Therefore, this paper studied the influence of glass powder on the rheological ...

  • Use of Glass Powder in Industrial Settings African Pegmatite

    Use Of Glass Powder In Industrial Settings African Pegmatite

    Using ground soda lime glass to replace some of both cement and aggregate in a mixture, no detrimental properties are observed in the production of self-levelling concrete5, though the author did note a moderate change in the water to powder ratio was required in the self-levelling application, with an overall incorporation of up to 104 kgm 3 of ground glass.

  • Structural Behavior of Concrete Incorporating Glass Powder

    Structural Behavior Of Concrete Incorporating Glass Powder

    Mar 03, 2015 Moreover, concrete produced by using glass powder GP as a binder shows very low permeability to chloride ions. An extensive research project on the use of GP as cementitious material is underway at the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. The northeastern Canadian province of Quebec has a policy on waste management to promote the ...

  • Study On The Stressstrain Full Curves Of Waste Glass

    Study On The Stressstrain Full Curves Of Waste Glass

    Study On The Stress-strain Full Curves Of Waste Glass Powder Concrete Wang Tao1,aGuo-Jun Ke2,band Yuan-Chu Gan3,c 1,2,3 School ofU rba nCs t ui , v e yh aHg 42 10 Corresponding author KeywordsWaste glass concreteStress-strain full curveBest color waste glass powder ...

  • Mechanical and microstructural properties of recycled

    Mechanical And Microstructural Properties Of Recycled

    to replace quartz powder fully. Recycled reactive powder concrete were developed from Portland cement, finely dispersed waste glass powder, waste ceramic powder, waste fly ash, fine sand, admixture, steel fibres and water at standard curing and using hand mixing. All raw materials were analyzed for X-Ray Fluorescence analysis.


    Effect Of Metakaolin On Compressive Strength

    Glass powder concrete cubes made with 5-20 MK and cured for 56 and 90 days, achieved the 28 days target strength of 25 Nmm2. The optimum replacement level was observed at G10M15 cured for 90 days. The data obtained were subjected to regression analysis and

  • The effect of using waste glass powder as cement

    The Effect Of Using Waste Glass Powder As Cement

    Waste glass powder was used to partially replace cement at 10, 20 and 30 by mass in concrete. A constant wc ratio of 0.53 was used for all the mixes. The material properties of waste glass concrete were evaluated and compared with control concrete using XRF, particle size analyser and SEM. The particle size distribution for glass powder was ...

  • Glass Pozzolan Sioneer

    Glass Pozzolan Sioneer

    Glass pozzolan that undergoes a grinding, sanitization, drying, and final patent pending treatment process. Resulting material is a fine glass powder, -325 mesh, that is used as a pozzolan for high strength concrete applications including cement replacement, ready mixed, and pre-cast.


    Analysis Of Properties Of Concrete Using

    An empty cube casted by using crushed glass powder concrete size 101010 was inserted into another larger empty cube casted using plane cement concrete size of 151510cm. 3cm sufficient space was left between two cubes was filled with Water of 100c and top side of cube was closed by lid. ...

  • What to Expect When Mixing Concrete With Glass Concrete

    What To Expect When Mixing Concrete With Glass Concrete

    Jul 09, 2011 The glass powder, which is recommended for projects where you would use white cement, also prevents efflorescence and makes the concrete stronger. The CWC report also notes that a set retarder can be added to slow the cements curing time.

  • Effect of Addition of GGBS and Glass Powder on the

    Effect Of Addition Of Ggbs And Glass Powder On The

    Nov 21, 2018 The present experimental study aims to develop the geopolymer concrete under ambient curing. The replacement of 15, 20 and 25 fly ash with ground granulated blast furnace slag GGBS and the addition of 5, 10 and 15 of glass powder have been done and cured under ambient curing. The incorporation of GGBS and glass powder has been done to enhance the reactivity of

  • Study of Concrete Involving Use of Waste Glass as

    Study Of Concrete Involving Use Of Waste Glass As

    ASR occurrence. Shayan and Xu reported fine glass powder for incorporation into concrete up to 30 as a pozzolanic material suppressed the ASR 7. Hence the size of waste glass used was in the range 0-1.18mm. In this research, fine aggregates were partially replaced by waste glass as 10, 20, 30 and 40 by weight.

  • Glass Powder Neutral Glass Powder Latest Price

    Glass Powder Neutral Glass Powder Latest Price

    The glass powder thus produced can be used as a partial substitute for Portland cement in concrete, as a filler in paints and other products, and for other knownuses for glass powder

  • Utilisation of Waste Glass Powder in Concrete A Literature

    Utilisation Of Waste Glass Powder In Concrete A Literature

    Therefore the glass powder to some extent can replace the cement and contributes for the strength development and also enhances durability characteristics Chikhalikar S.M. and Tande S.N., 2012. Demand for recycled glass has considerably decreased in recent years, particularly for mixed-glass.

  • Influence of Glass Powder on the Properties Of Concrete

    Influence Of Glass Powder On The Properties Of Concrete

    Concrete with replacement of cement by waste glass powder such as 5, 10, 15 and 20 were produced and properties of this concrete has been compared with concrete of control mix with no replacement. Cube specimens of 24 numbers were cast, cured and tested for 7 day and 28 days strength. Compression test was conducted and the results were ...


    Performance Of Concrete By Using Glass

    of Glass powder in concrete has improved the performance of concrete in strength. Keywords Glass powder, Compressive strength, Split tensile strength, Flexural strength, Durability, Workability. 1. INTRODUCTION Concrete is a widely used construction material for various types of structures due to its structural stability and ...

  • Experimental Study on Concrete Using Cement With

    Experimental Study On Concrete Using Cement With

    concrete from the results obtained, it is found that glass powder can be used as cement replacement material up to particle size less than 75m to prevent alkali silica reaction. Keywords Experimental Study, Concrete, Using Cement, Glass Powder I INTRODUCTION Concrete is a blend of cement, sand, coarse aggregate and water. The key factor ...

  • PDF Waste Glass Powder as Cement Replacement in Concrete

    Pdf Waste Glass Powder As Cement Replacement In Concrete

    The pozzolanic reactivity of waste glass powder was experimentally studied at cement replacement levels of 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 by weight. Results revealed that the concrete compressive strength ...

  • PDF Glass powder utilisation in concrete production

    Pdf Glass Powder Utilisation In Concrete Production

    In concrete with a variation of fine glass powder the slump slightly decreases because the fine glass powder absorbs too much water. Concrete compressive strength testing is carried out at 28 days.

  • Glass Powder Refractory Application African Pegmatite

    Glass Powder Refractory Application African Pegmatite

    Application of Glass Powder in Concrete. Concrete is made by combining cement, aggregate, and water with any additives necessary to achieve the necessary properties, like colourants or plasticisers. Glass powder can be used as a pozzolan, which is a type of siliceous material that reacts in water and calcium hydroxide. The addition of pozzolans ...

  • Rare and Superior Quality of Sundry glass powder concrete

    Rare And Superior Quality Of Sundry Glass Powder Concrete

    glass powder concrete items are used in a lot of sectors including but not limited to automobile, construction, marine, paint, and wood industry. The compounds involved in the making of glass powder concrete are highly irresistible to any kind of external fray. This makes glass powder concrete very reliable and safe to use. The products are ...

  • GroundGlass Pozzolan for Use in Concrete

    Groundglass Pozzolan For Use In Concrete

    When processed, this glass will be as white as white cement, and it can be processed to 99.9 purity. E-glass E-glass is typically recovered from the manufacture of fiberglass reinforcements at glass factories. It can be processed from undrawn fiber waste, and it can be ground into a white powder without any fiber remnants. About 200,000 tons

  • Glass Powder and Particle Technology SCHOTT

    Glass Powder And Particle Technology Schott

    Glass powder can be sold as is or further processed as sintered preform glass or glass pastes. Powders can be supplied using different manufacturing techniques, resulting in a broad product portfolio with different grain sizes, various particle size distributions, and customized morphologies. Grinding with extremely high purity levels is a ...

  • Experimental and Thermodynamic Study of AlkaliActivated

    Experimental And Thermodynamic Study Of Alkaliactivated

    Urban waste glass powder GP has been identified as the Si-rich 70 but Ca- and Al-deficient precursor material for use in alkali-activated materials AAMs.To facilitate the recycling and utilization of GP, this study explored the possibility of using calcium sulfoaluminate cement CSA as both reactive alumina source and shrinkage-reducing agent to improve the strength and durability ...

  • Effect of Using Glass Powder in Concrete

    Effect Of Using Glass Powder In Concrete

    paper, an attempt has been made to find out the strength of concrete containing waste glass powder as a partial replacement of cement for concrete. Cement

  • Effect of Glass Powder on Concrete Sustainability

    Effect Of Glass Powder On Concrete Sustainability

    glass powder could be used as an alternative cementitious material. The effects of GP are quite similar to those of conventional supplementary cementitious

  • Waste glass powder as partial replacement of cement for

    Waste Glass Powder As Partial Replacement Of Cement For

    Jun 01, 2017 In addition, production of every six ton glass powder concrete results in the reduction of each ton CO 2 emission from cement production and save the environment