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  • Expedient airfield runway repair using folded

    Expedient Airfield Runway Repair Using Folded

    Nov 04, 2013 tion and repair of FFM damage are given in the Engineering Technical Letter ETL 07-10 2007. Schemes for anchoring the FFM will depend on the type of runway pavement 1.3-cm 0.5- in diameter, 14-cm 5.5-in long rock bolts with a 1.9-cm 0.75-in diameter sleeve are used for concrete

  • FastPatch SlabGasket PolyQUIK Pavement Repair

    Fastpatch Slabgasket Polyquik Pavement Repair

    FASTPATCH Products for rapid Concrete Repair and Asphalt Repair. Permanent repair of potholes, spalls, break-outs, and more. Featuring SlabGasket Expansion Joint Replacement Solutions. Top performing, DOT Approved solutions for pavement maintenance.

  • AFCEC awarded patent for new runway repair technology

    Afcec Awarded Patent For New Runway Repair Technology

    Oct 22, 2020 TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently granted the Air Force a patent for an innovative runway repair solution developed at the Air Force Civil Engineer Center. The formula, developed by members of AFCECs laboratory at Tyndall AFB, Florida, will allow Rapid Airfield Damage Repair, or RADR, teams to quickly repair runways using materials that

  • Technology Concretum

    Technology Concretum

    Rapid-hardening concrete Q-FLASH 220 Rapid-hardening mortar Q-REP G Rapid-hardening concrete Q-CON Applications. Airport runway reconstruction Concrete road reconstruction Small surface repair Methods. Machine pouring slipform paver Manual pouring Batching of rapid-hardening concrete Technology. Rapid amp easy Durable Economical ...

  • Innovative and Durable Repair Solutions for Concrete

    Innovative And Durable Repair Solutions For Concrete

    Jan 01, 2014 The age of the concrete pavements at ATL range from less than 5 years to more than 40 years. The concrete pavements have typically served well beyond their original design life of 20 years. Runway 9L-27R is one of two main departure runways and the interior 2439 m

  • Pothole Repair Sidewalk Repair Access Ramps

    Pothole Repair Sidewalk Repair Access Ramps

    plasticomposite concrete patch designed for freeway, airport runway, and military road repairs. At well over 6000 PSI compressive strength once cured, the patching material also remains flexible and resistant to cracking. It can be used for transitions, ramps, lifted edges and sidewalk repair where strength and durability is a must.

  • Concrete Repair AT Specialty Cements Puerto RicoHOME

    Concrete Repair At Specialty Cements Puerto Ricohome

    AT Specialty Cements specializes in offering the most innovative concrete technology for new and existing construction. New construction - Our products bring efficiency and durability to the concrete construction, resulting in profitability and resiliency amidst the challenges of todays workforce and climate changes affecting the construction industry.

  • UFC 327003 Concrete Crack and PartialDepth Spall Repair

    Ufc 327003 Concrete Crack And Partialdepth Spall Repair

    Mar 15, 2001 This handbook contains information on current practices as of September 1998 for the repair of cracks and spalls in concrete pavements as well as on the selection of materials and equipment. This handbook is intended for use as a field handbook for airfield concrete pavement repair for all U.S. Navy, Army, and Air Force facilities however ...

  • Bluey Technologies Concrete Protection and Cement Repair

    Bluey Technologies Concrete Protection And Cement Repair

    repair mortars. cementitious grouts. fast set concrete. micro concretes. blugeo. ground support technology. learn more 5. grp soil nails amp anchors. permanent ground anchors. removable ground anchors. dcp tunnel bolts. blurez. resins amp epoxy systems. learn more 5. structural

  • Engineered Material Arresting System EMAS The Runway

    Engineered Material Arresting System Emas The Runway

    Jul 25, 2014 The technology has already prevented nine accidents in the past 15 years at U.S. airports. In 2010, a system at Yeager Airport in the mountains of

  • Airfield Damage Repair Overview AF

    Airfield Damage Repair Overview Af

    Apr 10, 2020 The concrete slab repair technique was adopted by the United States air force Europe USAFE as their preferred method for airfield damage repair. The concrete slab method was a more permanent repair technique, but because of the extreme weight of the slabs, it

  • Airport Concrete Pavement Technology Program

    Airport Concrete Pavement Technology Program

    Airport Concrete Pavement Technology Program Report IPRF-01-G-002-1 Best Practices for Airport Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction Rigid Airport Pavement ... 11.2 Shallow spalling due to improper edge slump repair.....124 . ix NOTES FOR THE READER Highlight boxes This manual includes highlight boxes that provide special alerts. ...

  • AFCEC awarded patent for new runway repair technology

    Afcec Awarded Patent For New Runway Repair Technology

    Oct 23, 2020 The Air Force Civil Engineer Centers Readiness Directorate research team fills craters using K-Concrete, Oct. 6, 2020 at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. The innovative runway repair solution was developed by members of AFCECs Laboratory at Tyndall AFB.

  • Concrete Repair Solutions and Services Fosroc

    Concrete Repair Solutions And Services Fosroc

    Concrete undergoes various types of deterioration because of physical, chemical and environmental factors. From small patch repairs, like honeycombs in a new construction, to cracks in the concrete, to spalling off of the concrete due to corrosion, various products and solutions are required, and these should be easy to apply and exhibit high strength equal to the structural member.


    Timesensitive Runway Repair Cts Cement

    CONCRETE CRITERIA To pass the ERDC test, repair materials had to sustain heavy aircraft traffic within a span of just four hours from the initial assessment of the repair. The ideal repair mate-rial would minimize both repair time and logistical requirements, TIME-SENSITIVE RUNWAY REPAIR The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

  • Welcome to PJA Technologies Advanced Cement amp Concrete

    Welcome To Pja Technologies Advanced Cement Amp Concrete

    Welcome to PJA Technologies Advanced Cement amp Concrete Technology ... Airport Runway Repair. Strength Icreasing Admixture. The Business License contracts are offered for the production of wall cladding, raised flooring and anti-ballistic panel, and for the use of the strength increasing admixture.

  • Stress analysis of runway repaired using compliant polymer

    Stress Analysis Of Runway Repaired Using Compliant Polymer

    Jan 01, 2015 The stress distribution in the repaired part of a runway composed of a cement concrete substrate and polymer concrete as a repair material was estimated by considering the cure shrinkage of the polymer concrete. The standard polymer concrete was used, which had an aggregate to epoxy resin mixing ratio of 8020.

  • Figure C 9 Full Depth Rigid Pavement Slab Repair

    Figure C 9 Full Depth Rigid Pavement Slab Repair

    Concrete Pavement Repair Manual, JP002P, American Concrete Pavement Association, Skokie, IL, June, 2003. 8. Concrete Crack and Partial-Depth Spall Repair Manual, JP003P, American Concrete Pavement Association, Skokie, IL, 2003. 9. SHRP H 349 Concrete Pavement Repair Manuals of Practice, Materials and Procedures for the

  • Rapid Slab Repair and Replacement of Airfield Concrete

    Rapid Slab Repair And Replacement Of Airfield Concrete

    Airports want to minimize closures for repair and rehabilitation projects and, therefore, are increasing the use of rapid repair and replacement of airfield concrete pavement slabs. This report provides updated guidance based on recent advancements in materials and procedures for rapid repair of airfield concrete


    Sample Pavement Maintenance Program

    Description of Repair Date Performed Cost North 50 West Edge Numerous reflective cracks. Concrete panels beneath ACC overlay appear to have shattered. 7 or 8 panels affected. Seal cracks in ACC a.s.a. weather permits, seek funds to repair concrete slabs summer 19XX. Cracks in ACC overlay sealed with AXZ sealant Concrete repair delayed

  • Concrete Contractor Kansas City Commercial Concrete

    Concrete Contractor Kansas City Commercial Concrete

    New technology in commercial concrete repair lets you repair critical concrete surfaces in hours, not days. No more expensive tear-outs and disrupting your operations. With CCS, the same concrete repair materials and process that keeps the KCI Bravo runway open is scalable to

  • Paving Airport Runways Concrete Construction Magazine

    Paving Airport Runways Concrete Construction Magazine

    Dec 01, 1971 Special surface preparation is required for complete bonding of a concrete overlay to an existing concrete slab. The existing surface must be thoroughly cleaned and etched with acid before bonding grout can be applied. Improved directional control and stopping capability of runway pavements are important goals of the aviation industry.

  • How to Fix Spalling Concrete Sanford amp Hawley

    How To Fix Spalling Concrete Sanford Amp Hawley

    Jul 01, 2020 Spalling can even happen on concrete walls, pillars, and other structures. Problems With Spalled Concrete. A few small flakes loosened from a large concrete surface may not seem like much of a problem, but once spalling begins, it is even easier for more moisture to enter the concrete and the spalling will spread.

  • Joint project develops airfield damage repair materials

    Joint Project Develops Airfield Damage Repair Materials

    Dec 18, 2012 The Critical Runway AssessmenT and Repair, or CRATR is a Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration JCTD Program co-sponsored by USAF and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Tingle said. USAF identified two repair categories for the JCTD.

  • Best Practices Handbook on Asphalt Pavement

    Best Practices Handbook On Asphalt Pavement

    Minnesota Technology Transfer T2 Center LTAI Program Center for Transportation Studies University of Minnesota 5 1 1 Washington Avenue S.E. Minneapolis., MN 55455-0375 Prelpared by Ann Johnson, P.E., Professional Engineering Services, Ltd. Edited by Pamela J. Snopl, Managing Editor, T2CTS PRINTEDBY

  • Characterization of compliant polymer concretes for rapid

    Characterization Of Compliant Polymer Concretes For Rapid

    A new type of epoxy based polymer concrete with liquid type silicone rubber or tire waste powder had been explored for runway repair 44. The mechanical performance of epoxy polymer concrete with ...

  • Runway repair specialist adds Allison fully automatic

    Runway Repair Specialist Adds Allison Fully Automatic

    Feb 19, 2015 Allied Infrastructures runway repair work predominantly takes place overnight between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. A workforce of one extruder and five operatives is able to achieve up to 2,000 linear meters of joint sealing in this period four hours for application and one hour for sealant curing and cleaning-up of the repaired area.

  • About Us Commercial Concrete Solutions

    About Us Commercial Concrete Solutions

    Having our hands in concrete for generations has taught the Kobush family a thing or two about concrete. Weve seen it and repaired it all from our beginning working with Kansas City homeowners to bringing new concrete repair technology to the most iconic business and institutions across Topeka, Lawrence and KC areas, such as Kansas City International Airport, KC Streetcar, Childrens ...

  • Just enough just in time AFCEC targets rapid airfield

    Just Enough Just In Time Afcec Targets Rapid Airfield

    Feb 26, 2021 Tech. Sgt. Chard Parnell, crater chief, uses a compact track loader to help fill a crater with concrete rocks the stone-and-grout technology method during the third day of repair of the expedient and expeditionary airfield damage repair demonstration at the Silver Flag Testing Facility on Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., in December 2020.

  • Sealants In Concrete Pavements Roads Highways amp

    Sealants In Concrete Pavements Roads Highways Amp

    Sealants In Concrete Pavements, Roads, Highways amp Building Construction. Mr. Dinesh Chavan, Sr. Manager-RampD, Choksey Chemicals P. Ltd, Mumbai. A sealant is a viscous material that changes state to become rubber like compound, once applied, and is used to prevent the penetration of air, gas, noise, dust or liquid from one location through a ...

  • Aquajet North America LinkedIn

    Aquajet North America Linkedin

    Aquajet North America 853 followers on LinkedIn. Cutting-edge Hydrodemolition equipment for concrete repair and industrial cleaning Aquajet, which was

  • Investigation of Spall Repair Materials for Concrete

    Investigation Of Spall Repair Materials For Concrete

    of guidelines for the selection of repair materials and the repair procedures to be used by TxDOT engineers to yield the best performance of repaired pavement. 17. Key Words Bond Strength, Compatibility, Delamination, Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, Spalling, Spall Repair Material 18. Distribution Statement No restrictions.

  • Concrete Repair for Airports Roadware Incorporated

    Concrete Repair For Airports Roadware Incorporated

    The technology behind Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender was first designed for repairing bomb damaged runways for NATO. Roadware Concrete Repair is used in runways, taxiways, hangers, terminals, parking decks, and light rail. If it is at and airport and its made out of concrete, Roadware products of fist at one time or another.


    Timesensitive Runway Repair Cts Cement

    TIME-SENSITIVE RUNWAY REPAIR. The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center conducted four years of testing to determine the best option for rapid-setting concrete for repairs to military airfields. New advances have pushed rapid- setting concrete to the forefront as a viable alternative for crater repair.

  • Roadway amp Concrete Repair

    Roadway Amp Concrete Repair

    P-Tuff SP is a three component, rapid curing, polyurethane based concrete repair mortar. The systems combine a high-quality polyurethane resin binder with a pre-engineered blend of proprietary graded aggregates. Formulated to create a long lasting, resilient, dense, semi-flexible, weather, abrasion and impact resistant concrete repair.