The Consequences Of Underground Mining Of Gneiss

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  • Effects of Underground Coal Mining on Ground Water in

    Effects Of Underground Coal Mining On Ground Water In

    The effects of underground mining activities on ground-water flow andor ground-water quality are highly dependent on the location of the mine with respect to natural flow systems. For example, mining or placement of coal wastes in a local ground-water recharge area is likely to affect shallow ground water and baseflow to small streams. Similar ...

  • Underground Excavations Engineering Geology ETH Zurich

    Underground Excavations Engineering Geology Eth Zurich

    Lower bound strength of Migmatic Gneiss for the Finish Nuclear Waste Repository . Project Framework and Goals. The design of underground nuclear waste repository requires an understanding of the long-term stability of the rock mass since the nuclear waste must be isolated for up to a million years.

  • VIII Potential Impacts from Underground Mining

    Viii Potential Impacts From Underground Mining

    VIII. Potential Impacts from Underground Mining Mine Subsidence An Overview In order to consider potential impacts of underground mining on overlying structures, water resources, and surface land, it is first necessary to have some understanding of the mechanics of mine subsidence.

  • Unit 3 Reading Mining and Mining Impacts

    Unit 3 Reading Mining And Mining Impacts

    Sep 06, 2021 Unit 3 Mining and Mining Impacts. Learning outcomes Contrast surface and underground mining. Identify a mining companys goals with each of the following exploration, extraction, concentration, reclamation, and remediation. Describe how wastes are created during the different stages of product creation and use.

  • Positive Impacts of Mining Case Studies World Gold Council

    Positive Impacts Of Mining Case Studies World Gold Council

    Sep 03, 2021 Goldcorps Borden mine is set to become the worlds first all-electric underground gold mine. The mine will replace current diesel-fuelled mobile equipment with Battery Electric Vehicles BEVs. The investment in electric equipment at Borden will improve safety performance and annually reduce GHG emissions by 70 6,600t of CO2e.

  • Surface Water Impacts from Active Underground Mining

    Surface Water Impacts From Active Underground Mining

    impact of underground mining on surface waters, physically and chemically. The SDPS program is used to conduct an analysis of ground movements to assess optimal barrier pillar size for stream protection. Typical analytical and empirical methods used in mine

  • Hydrogeological Aspects of the Openpit Mine Slope

    Hydrogeological Aspects Of The Openpit Mine Slope

    The mining area of the open-pit coal mine 11 the Czechoslovak Army11 in s part of the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin, which was formed by filling of the trough oriented in the SW-NE direction. The basin in bordered by the morphologically significant slope of gneiss and granite massif of the Krune hory Mts. in the North-West. These rocks form ...

  • Original Research Impact of Underground Coal Mining

    Original Research Impact Of Underground Coal Mining

    impact on the ecological environment, e.g., land destruction, vegetation degradation and water pollution 17-19. The research of applying life cycle theory to a coal mine is helpful in analyzing the forms and levels of environmental pollution and damage caused by coal mining, as well as the ecological risk characteristics in

  • A safety evaluation of highspeed trains by investigating

    A Safety Evaluation Of Highspeed Trains By Investigating

    passageway are executed by analyzing the effects of mine blasting and HSR vibration. 2 Status of the site 2.1 General information of a mine Geologically this area consists of limestone, granitic gneiss, schist and quartzite. Limestone mining is conducted underground by a room and pillar method.

  • Cost Analysis in the Construction of UDC 62214 DOI

    Cost Analysis In The Construction Of Udc 62214 Doi

    The main underground mining facilities are shafts, drifts, raise, pump chambers, ... impacts the accuracy you can achieve using this technique. 2.1. Input system parameters ... Gneiss 2.75 127 14.50 20.50 37.50 0.170 42000 B Schist 2.70 98 6.10 14.00 32.00 0.120 32000 C For each of these rock types Bieniawski classification has been made ...


    Modelling The Sensitivity Of Underground

    MODELLING THE SENSITIVITY OF UNDERGROUND S PACE STABILITY TO THE IN SITU STRESS . 321 1 Fig. 2.1 Main fault structures and geological condition in the area of interest Patocka and Jaros, 2020 Pt ek et al., 2013. effects of joint spaci ng, length and stiffness, as well as

  • Appendix 2 Environmental and Social Impacts of Mining

    Appendix 2 Environmental And Social Impacts Of Mining

    The key direct impact of mining on forest ecosystems is the removal of vegetation and canopy cover. Indirect impacts include road-building and pipeline development, which may result in habitat fragmentation and increased access to remote areas. While larger intact forest ecosystems may withstand the impacts of mining and oil development,

  • Reading Effects of Mining Geology

    Reading Effects Of Mining Geology

    Environmental Effects. Environmental issues can include erosion, formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water by chemicals from mining processes. In some cases, additional forest logging is done in the vicinity of mines to create space for the storage of the created debris and soil.

  • Characterization Classification and Evaluation of

    Characterization Classification And Evaluation Of

    at a sealed, partially flooded underground mine, Alexander 2 on environmental impact of deep opencast limestone mine in Laegerdorf, Northern Germany, Suraj et al. 3 on GIS approaches for sustainable mining of tile and brick clay, Parappukara Panchayath, Thrissur district, Kerala, Anon 4 on environmental impact of clay mining for tile and ...

  • Surface effects of underground mining Journal Article

    Surface Effects Of Underground Mining Journal Article

    articleosti5675552, title Surface effects of underground mining, author Young, S G, abstractNote CommentaryCongress included underground coal mining in the new surface mining law because of land subsidence, spoil handling, dams and impoundments, acid drainage, and indifference to the bill by the underground industry. Initial standards are being challenged in court on

  • Potential Environmental Impacts of Quarrying Stone in

    Potential Environmental Impacts Of Quarrying Stone In

    ronmental impacts of previous human activities in karst areas and the effects that those impacts have had on the quality of life. Many human activities can negatively impact karst areas, includ-ing deforestation, agricultural practices, urbanization, tourism, military activities, water exploitation, mining, and quarrying Drew, 1999 g. 2.

  • Groundwater in fractured crystalline rocks the Clara mine

    Groundwater In Fractured Crystalline Rocks The Clara Mine

    Jun 21, 2008 The chemical composition of water sampled in a 700 m deep underground barite-fluorite mine in the crystalline basement of the Black Forest area SW Germany varies systematically with depth and the length of flow paths trough, the fracture porosity of the gneiss matrix. Calcium and sulfate increase as a result of a combined sulfide oxidation and plagioclase alteration reaction. The gneiss ...

  • The Differences in Underground Mines Dewatering with

    The Differences In Underground Mines Dewatering With

    There are two potential surface subsidence effects of underground mining, chimney collapse and trough subsidence. Chimney collapse involves the collapse of the ... overlying collapsed rubble prevented the granite gneiss from expanding at a more realistic 60 percent free swell for granite.

  • Evaluation of Groundwater Flow into Mined Panels

    Evaluation Of Groundwater Flow Into Mined Panels

    The impact of underground mining on groundwater flow around a mined panel is quantified. A model is structured to represent strata deformation and concurrent steady fluid flow in a naturally fractured medium as a result of underground mining. The model conceptually represents mechanisms of

  • Cost analysis in the construction of underground mining

    Cost Analysis In The Construction Of Underground Mining

    The main underground mining facilities are shafts, drifts, raise, pump chambers, warehouses etc. ... in gneiss rock type. ... determine their impacts on nearby residents and develop noise control ...

  • Impact of Underground Mining on Shaft Lining and

    Impact Of Underground Mining On Shaft Lining And

    Mining area. Figure 7. Impact due to mining depth 50 m to shaft. the mining area considering the collapse risks. 3.4. Impact Due to Mining Width . The change of mining width leads to the deformation of the ground layers the displacement of the ground layers is used to show the impact. Figures 8 and 9 show the influence of 50 m and 100 m ...


    Impact Of Uranium Mine On Health Of Tribal

    conceivable destructive impacts of radiation on wellbeing and prosperity of people. India is one of the main mining nations on the world regarding the generally tonnage of the crude metal materials took care of as well as the quantity of individuals occupied with different sorts of underground and open cast mining activities.

  • Research on Intelligent Identification of Rock Types Based

    Research On Intelligent Identification Of Rock Types Based

    Jan 21, 2020 Abstract In the mining process of underground metal mines, the misjudgment of rock types by on-site technicians will have a serious negative impact on the stability evaluation of rock mass and the formulation of support schemes, which will result in the loss of economic benefits and potential safety hazards of mining enterprises. In order to realize the precise and intelligent identification ...

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Madhyapara

    Environmental Impact Assessment Of Madhyapara

    Keywords Environmental impact, Hard rock, Madhyapara Granite Mine, Dinajpur, Bangladesh. 1. Introduction Madhyapara Granite Mine MGM is the only one underground hard rock mine in Bangladesh under the Petrobangla and the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh. MGM is situated in

  • What are the roles of structural geology in rock mining

    What Are The Roles Of Structural Geology In Rock Mining

    The knowledge of structural geology is a profound meaning in rock mining. Because most of the geo-hazards are structural-controlled. For example, in underground mining, when a drift was completed ...

  • Impact of Underground Preconcentration on Mining

    Impact Of Underground Preconcentration On Mining

    Due to the requirement to maximize the positive impact of underground mineral processing by disposing of the maximum possible quantity of waste as backfill, only mining methods which can accommodate backfill will be considered for the integrated system. Mining methods which accommodate the greatest proportion of backfill are preferred. In the light of this the ... a title Impact of ...


    Effects Of Surface Mine Blasting On

    underground vibrations were installed on the roof and floor of the mine. From the standpoint of potential damage to the mine, roof vibration levels were the critical parameter to be monitored. The seismometers were attached to the roof at three locations in the underground mine. Holes were drilled in the roof and 12-inch diameter by 4-foot

  • Environmental impact assessment of open pit mining in

    Environmental Impact Assessment Of Open Pit Mining In

    Aug 26, 2008 Mining is widely regarded as having adverse effects on environment of both magnitude and diversity. Some of these effects include erosion, formation of sinkhole, biodiversity loss and contamination of groundwater by chemical from the mining process in general and open-pit mining in particular. As such, a repeatable process to evaluate these effects primarily aims to diminish them.

  • Subsidence from Underground Mining Environmental

    Subsidence From Underground Mining Environmental

    effects of underground mining. The major em phasis is on coal mining. The time to plan for subsidence impacts is well before mining begins, not after surface effects are noticed. Because subsidence due to underground mining may be inevitable, the relevant questions to be asked are how much, when, and where, and ...

  • Effects of the geological parameters on rock blasting

    Effects Of The Geological Parameters On Rock Blasting

    Effects of the geological parameters on rock blasting using the Hopkinson split bar ... reaction of rock materials to blasting and crushing operations.This paper describes dynamic behavior of the diabase and gneiss of South-Western Swedish rocks. ... In order to assess the influence of underground mining blasting on the stability of open pit ...

  • Gneiss Metamorphic Rock Pictures Definition amp More

    Gneiss Metamorphic Rock Pictures Definition Amp More

    Gneiss is a foliated metamorphic rock identified by its bands and lenses of varying mineral composition. Some of these bands or lenses contain granular minerals that are bound together in an interlocking texture. Other bands contain platy or elongated minerals that show a preferred orientation that parallels the overall banding in the rock.

  • Blasting damage in rock Rocscience Inc

    Blasting Damage In Rock Rocscience Inc

    the underground openings. Damage control The ultimate in damage control is machine excavation. Anyone who has visited an underground metal mine and looked up a bored raise will have been impressed by the lack of disturbance to the rock and the stability of the excavation. Even when the

  • Environmental Impact of Granite Mining In Tattara Area

    Environmental Impact Of Granite Mining In Tattara Area

    Underground mining consists of digging tunnels or shafts into the earth to reach buried ore deposits. Ore and waste rock are brought to the surface through shaft and tunnels. Mining operations usually create a negative environmental impact, both during the mining activity and

  • Impacts of Mining on Our Environment with Remedial Measures

    Impacts Of Mining On Our Environment With Remedial Measures

    Impacts of underground mining a. The exhaust air from the underground mines contributes SPM, CO 2, CH 4 NO X, SO 2 and other pollutants. b. The surface activities in the underground mining areas, e.g., diesel generating stations, boilers, etc. contribute SPM, NO X, and CO 2. c.

  • Improved Blasting and Bench Slope Design at the Aitik

    Improved Blasting And Bench Slope Design At The Aitik

    Future mining plans call for an increase in annual production up to a total of 36 Mton of ore, and a final pit depth of approximately 600 m. The copper mineralisation at Aitik occurs as disseminated thin veinlets of chalcopyrite, along with minor contents of silver and gold. Ore grade mineralisation is hosted in the main ore zone gneiss, with minor