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  • Homemade Gold Dredge Gold Getter News My Story

    Homemade Gold Dredge Gold Getter News My Story

    plans for the dredge you want to build, take your purchase list and go look through the local scrap yards - you can get stuff there a whole lot cheaper than you would at someplace like Home Depot.

  • Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box catching Gold

    Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box Catching Gold

    In developing plans for a homemade sluice box, the more time you spend thinking about your design, the better. You dont want to have to buy parts you dont need, but on the other hand your slice box need to catch the gold efficiently. A good plan and a good understanding of how a sluice box traps gold are important to your design.

  • Plan Design and Build a Homemade Gold Rocker Box

    Plan Design And Build A Homemade Gold Rocker Box

    At the very dawn of the Gold rush to California, the rocker box was perhaps the most used piece of gold prospecting equipment. For a time it was perhaps even more important that the gold pan.Mostly this was because the miner could make a rocker for himself in the field from rough sawn lumber cut in the forest.

  • How to Build a Pond Dredge Hunker

    How To Build A Pond Dredge Hunker

    Dredging involves running a special bucket through the bottom of the pond to collect these waste materials. A homemade pond dredge can be made with the right materials and some time. Step 1 Remove one end of the 55-gallon steel drum. Use a barrel cutter to remove the end. If you dont have one available, use a reciprocating saw. Remove any ...

  • 187 Doublescreen Classification System in Dredging

    187 Doublescreen Classification System In Dredging

    Double Screen System. Fine Gold in Sluice. As bad luck would have it, the State of California imposed a temporary ban on suction dredging just as we completed the double-screen refit on my 8-inch dredge. This forced us up onto the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, where we are limited to smaller-sized dredges.

  • DIY Build a Homemade Sluice Box Gold Rush Nuggets

    Diy Build A Homemade Sluice Box Gold Rush Nuggets

    DIY Sluice Box. Building a sluice box for gold prospecting is a fairly simple project, and is a fun way to spend the winter in preparation for the mining season. Using simple tools, you can design and make your own sluice box, and be prospecting for gold in no time. Build your own prospecting equipment.

  • Building the Ultimate Dry Washer DIY PROJECTS

    Building The Ultimate Dry Washer Diy Projects

    Jan 07, 2009 I think your title- Building the Ultimate Dry Washer, A Dry Washer that equals a dredge in recovery rates is somewhat misleading. Theres simply no way you can build drywasher that will equal the recovery rate of a dredge 100 of the time. It all depends what area youre in, what size gold if found as well the type of ground.

  • Home made Gold Cube Gold Prospectors Association of

    Home Made Gold Cube Gold Prospectors Association Of

    Unfortunately for me I dont live in a gold barring area, Eastern MO. I mixed emotions regarding self made equipment. I do agree with the last two posters in the fact that the big boys build good equipment and it works probably better, and lighter weight than we can build ourselves unless you have a lot of fabrication equipment available for use.

  • How To Build and Operate Sluice Boxes

    How To Build And Operate Sluice Boxes

    popular Gold-Buddy, a Grizzly brand mini high-banker, A G-1 power sluice, A Proline 2-12 power sluice, a DampK 1-12 power sluice and a new Keene 2-12 power sluice. All of this equipment was used in two different locations having very different dispositions and types of gold between March 12th and August 5th of 2009.

  • How to Build a Sluice Box The 7 Things You Need to Do It

    How To Build A Sluice Box The 7 Things You Need To Do It

    If you are using wood, make sure you apply silicone to the edges to prevent water leakage. Lay down the ribbed mat as you first layer in the sluice. Extend it to the bottom tip of the flare but leave of the bottom part of the sluice empty. Lay down the second layer, which is the miners moss.

  • plan and design home make dredge nozzle BINQ Mining

    Plan And Design Home Make Dredge Nozzle Binq Mining

    Apr 22, 2013 Small Gold Dredge Plans Answers. JOBE Suction Dredge w HP Pump Gold Mining Suction Dredge running at least 700 dollars, however,it is possible to build a suction dredge at home for a fraction of the cost. but use a small enough nozzle to keep below the requirements for an EPA Small Dredge Permit. . Homemade Suction Dredge .

  • Gold Sluice Box Design Mineral Processing amp Metallurgy

    Gold Sluice Box Design Mineral Processing Amp Metallurgy

    Sep 09, 2015 The gold sluice box is an efficient alternative to panning for gold, allowing the prospector to quickly sift through a much greater volume of sediment. Although many affordable varieties are available to purchase, they are even more affordable to build. With a little knowledge, skill, and creativity, a prospector can build a custom sluice box from almost any type of solid material available.

  • How To Build A Boat Gold Dredge High Quality Boat

    How To Build A Boat Gold Dredge High Quality Boat

    May 15, 2020 1 How To Build A Boat Gold Dredge Step-By-Step Blueprint 40 Boat Building Videos and 100s of Illustrated Guide. Boats may be built type a variety of various materials. For a few years, wooden was the sole real option, and to this day lots of people

  • Gold Dredges at Kellyco Gold Prospecting Equipment

    Gold Dredges At Kellyco Gold Prospecting Equipment

    Gold prospecting is an addiction for many people, as they love working to find the shiny metal in creeks and rivers. While many will start off with a simple gold pan and classifier, others graduate to gold dredges. Gold dredges are excellent for finding more gold more efficiently and with less effort.

  • How To Build A Gold Dredge Boat Boat Plans Guide

    How To Build A Gold Dredge Boat Boat Plans Guide

    May 15, 2020 How To Build A Gold Dredge Boat This bonuses consist of a feature-rich, multi-license computer software to make any type of floatable object such as a ship, obviously, uncommon publications on boat-building that were previously only accessible to expert boat-builders, an in-depth review of 107 boat styles, along with a industrial boat-builder ...

  • DIY Handheld Suction dredge Help Gold Prospectors

    Diy Handheld Suction Dredge Help Gold Prospectors

    Jul 21, 2015 30 Jun 2015 0714 AM. I have been toying with a homemade hand dredge, simalr to ones you can buy at the gold shows for about 100. Ive seen lots of videos on you tube about how to make them and I have a pretty good one built. My problem, however, is that I am not getting the suction I need.

  • building a pontoon dredge for ocean gold BINQ Mining

    Building A Pontoon Dredge For Ocean Gold Binq Mining

    Dec 04, 2012 How to Build a Gold Dredge A gold dredge is a necessary tool for anyone who pans for gold as more than a hobby.Gold dredges are machines that pulls the gold from dirt or gravel. The gold More detailed

  • Plan Design and Build a Homemade Gold Sluice Box

    Plan Design And Build A Homemade Gold Sluice Box

    Build A Do It Yourself, Homemade Gold Sluice Box ... That is why miners moss is used in the sluices of nearly all commercial suction gold dredges and placer mining operations using heavy equipment. Having a liner underneath the riffles is an important aid in catching small gold dust, and is very worthwhile. ... gold sluice plans, building a ...


    Dredge Suction Nozzles You Struck Gold

    DREDGE SUCTION NOZZLES By Dale Russell Suction nozzles can easily be home made , with some ingenuity amp a few tools. No matter what size you want to make from 1 up to 6 , you can purchase exhaust pipe with that outside diameter OD Power jets measure the



    HOW TO BUILD A GOLD SUCKER STICK. Gold Suckers. Click here Gold Pump big pix. This is a plan for a hand operated gravel sucker. The pump was designed by Alf Henderson and the plan was drawn by Chris Engel in Scotland. The problem with this design is it gets hard to hold on to when using 2 12 or larger pipe. One suggestion is to get an end cap ...

  • DIY HAND DREDGE GoLectures Online Lectures

    Diy Hand Dredge Golectures Online Lectures

    I became interested in these Gold Suckers, Hand Dredges or what ever name you choose to call these by, about a year and a half ago. I built a 1 12 inch model to try it out. After trying several different designs I settled on the one in this video. I have been working with this one for a year now and found that it is a pretty solid design.

  • 187 The Size of Riffles

    187 The Size Of Riffles

    Most recovery systems on suction dredges use fixed riffles to trap gold out of lighter streambed materials as they are washed through a sluice box by a flow of water. Riffles are baffle-like obstructions, fixed in place along the bottom of the sluice box. They are designed and positioned so that there is a back-pressure created that sucks water and material behind the riffles from the flow ...

  • plans to make header box for sluice 171 BINQ Mining

    Plans To Make Header Box For Sluice 171 Binq Mining

    Jun 08, 2013 Why not make a roll-yer-own dredgepower sluicehi-banker If you do not know how to delete your cookies please contact us via the Contact Here are some pix of the flare, the suction nozzle and the sluice box .. to make a flare to replace the old crasher header box on my 4 dredge.

  • build your own gold mining equipment

    Build Your Own Gold Mining Equipment

    Build Your Own Gold Prospecting Equipment Plans How to build gold prospecting equipment on the cheapView prospecting equipment plans and books at bottom of page. 2 for 3 foot. I established the correct drop for the sluice box and then mounted the level so that the bubble was centered.

  • DIYDredge Dredging by yourself is fun

    Diydredge Dredging By Yourself Is Fun

    The DIY-Dredger has been sold in the Nordic Countries for many years and there are now more than 1500 happy owners all over the world.The DIY-Dredge is a compact, highly portable, gasoline engine powered, sediment removal pumping system. It is designed to provide the homeowner and contractors with the ability to excavate and transfer unwanted sediment.

  • DIY Dredge Portable Suction Dredge Shore Restore

    Diy Dredge Portable Suction Dredge Shore Restore

    DIY Dredge Portable Suction Dredger. The industrial grade Portable Dredge is a one of a kind sediment removal pumping system that allows the user to easily pump mud, muck amp organic sediment out of a lake or pond without using an excavator or damaging the shore. It is

  • plans to make 2quot suction nozzle for dredging GOLD

    Plans To Make 2quot Suction Nozzle For Dredging Gold

    Dec 10, 2014 IznG--Forget that keene hibanker and go to Proline website as then you have a REAL dredge and a real shovel highbanker. Dredging on grizzly bars is a fools folly as ALL gold bigger than the bar spacing goes out in the trash,they pile up constantly as NOT made for constant flow dredging but slow shovel work.

  • Build Your Own Homemade Gold Sluice Box EzineArticles

    Build Your Own Homemade Gold Sluice Box Ezinearticles

    Here how you can plan and build your own gold sluice box. These do it your self projects are popular with lots of folks, and fun to think about even if you just end up buying a store bought product. Here are some thoughts on how to build your own do It Yourself, hand fed Gold Sluice Box - I think its a great project for beginners.

  • Plan and design your own home made suction dredge

    Plan And Design Your Own Home Made Suction Dredge

    Heres an easy project really all you need is a piece of pipe about 10 inches long and of the right diameter to fit in your dredge hose. Simply take one end of the pipe and saw cut the pipe about every quarter inch. Take a hammer and gently tap the pieces down to form a cone on the tip.

  • Gold Dredge and Highbanker Plans My Home Workshop

    Gold Dredge And Highbanker Plans My Home Workshop

    Oct 23, 2012 Have the inside bent in a U shape so there is 10 inches between the walls. You can build a wider box if you would like, but it will require a larger water flow. To get a good idea of width, look at the dimension of the boxes for the dredges on Keenes website. Next

  • Hand Dredge 5 Steps with Pictures Instructables

    Hand Dredge 5 Steps With Pictures Instructables

    Jun 15, 2012 To create the pump section, take the 24 long 12 pipe and pit the 12 elbow on one end. Then put the 1-14 cap with the hole drilled in it over the pipe. Then, place the 12 slip to 12 thread bushing onto the end. Take the pipe insulation and place it over the threads, then screw on the 12 cap.