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  • Pipe FlowFriction Factor Calculations with Excel

    Pipe Flowfriction Factor Calculations With Excel

    conveniently carried out with an Excel spreadsheet. Many of the calculations require an iterative solution, so they are especially suitable for an Excel spreadsheet solution. This course includes discussion of the Darcy-Weisbach equation and the parameters in the equation along with the U.S. and S.I. units to be used.

  • Microsoft Excel Workbook Metrics Clearly and Simply

    Microsoft Excel Workbook Metrics Clearly And Simply

    Aug 06, 2017 Model Size physical size of the workbook in Megabytes and Bytes Worksheets count of worksheets in the workbook total, visible, hidden and very hidden. In case you are not familiar with the .Visible property of a worksheet very hidden sheets are worksheets which will not appear in the Unhide Sheet dialogue window of Excel.

  • Hydraulic Motor Calculations Womack Machine Supply

    Hydraulic Motor Calculations Womack Machine Supply

    Formula Horsepower x 63025 RPM torque in inch pounds. Fluid Motor Torque from GPM, PSI and RPM. Gallons per Minute GPM Motor PSI. Motor RPM. Torque. Example How much torque does a motor develop at 1,200 psi, 1500 rpm, with 10 gpm input Formula GPM x PSI x 36.77 RPM torque in inch pounds. This company assumes no liability for ...

  • Formulas and Calculations for Drilling Operations

    Formulas And Calculations For Drilling Operations

    7.4 Motor Calculations 259 7.4.1 Type I Motor 260 7.4.2 Type II Motor 261 7.4.3 Type III Motor 262 7.4.4 Type IV Motor 263 7.5 Stabilizer Calculations 265 7.5.1 Stabilizer Jamming Angle 265 7.5.2 Alignment Angle of Stabilizers with the Wellbore 266 7.6 Percussion Hammer 270 . 7.7. Positive Displacement Motor PDM 271 7.8 Rotor Nozzle Sizing 274

  • Electrical Calculations Excel Software Free Download

    Electrical Calculations Excel Software Free Download

    Electrical Calculations Excel Software. Electrical Calculations v. Electrical Calculations software provides calculations and ratings for busbars, cable, power factor correction, motor starting, enclosure ventiation and many metric imperial conversions and constants. File

  • Industrial Ventilation Practical Concepts and Calculations

    Industrial Ventilation Practical Concepts And Calculations

    7. Design Equations, Loss Factors and Coefficients of Entry 8. Average or Slot Velocity 10. Stack Design 11. Air Cooling Flow Rate 12. Air Heating Flow Rate 13. Exhaust Hood Capture Velocities 14. Hood Velocity Empirical Equation 15. Air Flow Entrance and Exit 16. SCFM and ACFM Corrections 17. Hood Types and Classification 18. Chimney Sizing 19.

  • Bearing calculation SKF

    Bearing Calculation Skf

    calculations are needed . Basic rating life For simplified calculations and to obtain an approximate value of the bearing life, the so-called handbook method is used to calculate the basic rating life . The basic rating life of a bearing according to ISO 281 is where L10 basic rating life at 90 reliability, millions of revolutions

  • Motor Sizing Basics Part 2 Load Inertia

    Motor Sizing Basics Part 2 Load Inertia

    For stepper motors or servo motors, permissible load inertia values are not published, so please use recommended inertia ratio guidelines. Thats it for load inertia for now. Remember that load inertia is just one of three calculations necessary for a successful motor sizing dont forget torque and speed.

  • How to Pick Motors for Linear Motion Machine Design

    How To Pick Motors For Linear Motion Machine Design

    Aug 07, 2013 Motors must accelerate loads while overcoming system friction and gravity without overheating. Here, we outline a step-by-step process for picking a motor size

  • Inductor Sizing Equation Useful Equations And

    Inductor Sizing Equation Useful Equations And

    The following formula for the inductance of a single layer air core solenoid coil is accurate to approximately 1 for 2rl 3. The thick coil formula is 1 accurate when the denominator terms are approximately equal. Wheelers spiral formula is 1 accurate for c 0.2r. While this is a round wire formula, it may still be applicable to ...

  • Air Flow formulas NEMI

    Air Flow Formulas Nemi

    Air Flow formulas CFM Duct area sq ft x Velocity Standard Air 70F 29.92 HG Mercury 1 cubic foot of standard air 0.075 pounds 13.3 cubic feet of standard air 1 pound FAN LAWS Remember RPM is interchangeable for CFM Note new is the same as 1 and old is the same as 2 Fan Law 1 old

  • Stepper Motor Calculations CNCxyz Wiki

    Stepper Motor Calculations Cncxyz Wiki

    Jan 28, 2014 This equation is helpful in determining how many steps your stepper motor requires to move one full revolution. Typical stepper motors are 1.8 degrees per step, which is 200 steps per revolution. Example 2 Some stepper motors are able to move in very small increments. In this example, it moves 0.9 degrees per step or 400 steps per revolution.

  • Excel Cell Sizing Real World Measurements Microsoft

    Excel Cell Sizing Real World Measurements Microsoft

    Jan 19, 2017 Excel Cell Sizing Real World Measurements Is it possible to make cells in a spreadsheet reflect real-world units of measurement I want to print on a sheet of labels and am trying to make the cells the right size but cannot specify cmmm, only points which is the Excel default.

  • IEC Motor Data Calculator Electrical Knowhow

    Iec Motor Data Calculator Electrical Knowhow

    1- Select the motor horse power rating from the drop down box, the available ratings ranges from 16 HP to 7.5 HP. 1- Select the motor voltage rating from the drop down box, the available values are 200 208V, 230 240V, 460 480V, 575 600V. 2- Select the motor horse power rating from the drop down box, the available ratings ranges from 0 ...

  • Pump Motor Size Calculator Spreadsheet Engineers Edge

    Pump Motor Size Calculator Spreadsheet Engineers Edge

    Data input and Output Static Suction Head h1, Static Discharge Head h2, Is Pump Inlet Diameter equal to Outlet Diameter, Enter Pump Inlet Diameter, Enter Pump Outlet Diameter, Density of Liquid D, Required Amount of Liquid at particular Height, Required Time for getting Liquid at particular Height

  • Cable Size Calculation Spreadsheet Eloquens

    Cable Size Calculation Spreadsheet Eloquens

    Nov 29, 2017 Cable size calculations based on Motor Horse Power HP and Specified Current. The Sheet works with a series of Input Data giving you a number of calculated Values. Input data Motor voltage V L-L, Motor horsepower, Cable Temperature Rating C, Ambient Temperature C, Cable Length ft and Acceptable Voltage Drop .

  • Calculations Simple Electric Motors

    Calculations Simple Electric Motors

    Good science project does not stop with building a motor. It is very important to measure different electrical and mechanical parameters of your motor and calculate unknown values using the following helpful formulas. We will use the International System of Units SI. This is modern metric system that is officially accepted in electrical engineering in

  • DC Motor Tutorial Motor Calculations for Coreless Brush

    Dc Motor Tutorial Motor Calculations For Coreless Brush

    Theoretical Motor Calculation Example. Lets delve a bit into the theoretical calculations. The 2668W024CR coreless DC motor is to be operated with 24 V applied to the motor terminals and a torque load of 68 mNm. Find the resulting motor constant, motor speed, motor current, motor efficiency, and power output.

  • Electrical Design Calculations Needed For Projects

    Electrical Design Calculations Needed For Projects

    Jul 12, 2021 Electrical calculations should be made for all projects that include electrical components and should be filed in the project notebook. Design calculations may be made either manually or by computer programs. At a minimum, the following types of calculations should be made where applicable Motor branch circuit sizing.

  • CHAPTER 21 Mechanical Design of Mixing Equipment

    Chapter 21 Mechanical Design Of Mixing Equipment

    Therefore, descriptions, equations, and nomenclature will be given in both U.S. engineering units and metric units. Descriptions and equations using U.S. engineering units will follow common industrial practices used in the United States with design information for mate-rials measured in inches and motors specied in horsepower. Descriptions ...

  • Pump Design Equations Formulas Calculator Water

    Pump Design Equations Formulas Calculator Water

    Change Equation Select to solve for a different unknown Water Horsepower. ... Equations Calculator Power Equations Formulas Calculator Water Hammer Calculator Bernoulli Theorem Calculator Engine Motor Horsepower Calculator Density Calculator Hazen Williams Equations Calculator Orifice Flow Rate Calculator Darcy-Weisbach Equations Calculator ...

  • Back to Basics Pump Sizing AIChE

    Back To Basics Pump Sizing Aiche

    up an Excel spreadsheet and use a formula to calculate the Darcy friction factor and headloss. Chemical engineering students are usually taught to find the Darcy friction factor using a Moody diagram, which is a summary of a large number of empirical experiments. You can use curve-fitting equations and software such as Excel to

  • How to Determine the Motor Size for Your Project

    How To Determine The Motor Size For Your Project

    Nov 05, 2018 Some learners will enjoy performing the motor selection calculations manually, we will briefly illustrate and describe some of the calculations later on in this lesson, while others prefer, utilizing one of the many online programs available to help you with all the necessary specifications of the servo motor required for your project and expediate you through the servo motor selection process.

  • Water Flow Rate for Pipe Sizes with Excel SpreadsheetsLow

    Water Flow Rate For Pipe Sizes With Excel Spreadsheetslow

    Mar 03, 2011 The Excel formulas then calculate water flow rates for the entered pipe sizes and lengths. The spreadsheet shown below uses S.I. units. This spreadsheet and a similar one using U.S. units is available from our spreadsheet store. Those spreadsheets are also set up to calculate pipe diameter, length, or pressure drop if the other parameters are ...

  • Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials Practical Calculations

    Belt Conveyors For Bulk Materials Practical Calculations

    Practical Calculations Metric and US Systems Jurandir Primo, PE 2009 PDH Online PDH Center 5272 Meadow Estates Drive Fairfax, VA 22030-6658 Phone amp Fax 703-988-0088

  • Motor Sizing Calculations

    Motor Sizing Calculations

    Motor Sizing Calculations This section describes certain items that must be calculated to find the optimum motor for a particular application. Selection procedures and examples are given. Selection Procedure First, determine certain features of the design, such as drive mechanism, rough dimensions,

  • Electric Motor Selection and Sizing University of

    Electric Motor Selection And Sizing University Of

    Electric Motor Selection and Sizing 33.2 Motor Sizing 2 Each specific electric motor will have its own characteristic torque-speed curve Speed, Torque, AC Motor PMDC Motor Universal Motor Motor Sizing 3 Each type of load will have its own torque - speed requirements Speed, Torque, Constant Pumps and Fans Viscous Friction

  • Appendix 9C Design Calculations for Electrical Design

    Appendix 9c Design Calculations For Electrical Design

    Load calculations Conductor sizing Conduit sizing Motor branch circuit sizing Power factor improvement Transformer primary and secondary circuit sizing Voltage drop Motor starting voltage dip Short circuit analysis Lighting levels Grounding

  • EVcalculations


    Only one problem, that much electrical power put into the motor could easily destroy it rather quickly The common in the field estimate of KW power a 9 motor can handle for short periods is 100 KW. So using the above formulas, 144 volt system should be limited to

  • Electric Motor Sizing Design Equations and Calculator

    Electric Motor Sizing Design Equations And Calculator

    Industrial Electric Motor Supply. Start and Running Torque Requirements, Calculations for Electric Motors. When determining the torque requirements for a electric motor, consideration should be given to the load and start time demands during the start duration, operating torque, and peak load torque.

  • Motor Sizing Basics Part 1 Load Torque

    Motor Sizing Basics Part 1 Load Torque

    Proper sizing of a motor requires that 3 criteria must be met torque, load inertia, and speed. For the first part of this Motor Sizing Basics series, I will be explaining what load torque is, how to calculate it for specific application examples, and how it fits into the torque requirement for the application.


    Centrifugal Pump Selection Sizing And

    First, determine the right pump size by using the coverage chart see Figure 4-2. Locate the head and flow coordinate operating point on the chart. This will identify the casing size and pump speed. Locate the correct performance curve chart for this pump casing size and again identify the operating point. Figure 4-9 Superposition of system ...

  • Miscellaneous Excel Unusual

    Miscellaneous Excel Unusual

    This is a linear system of equations solver in Excel. The size of the system is programmable by the user from 2 to 20 which means, depending on the setting selection, the model can instantly find the solution of linear systems starting from 2 equations and 2 unknowns up to 20 equations and 20 unknowns. It uses the following built-in Continue ...

  • Agitator Power Requirement CheCalc

    Agitator Power Requirement Checalc

    Basic sizing calculations are based on square batch i.e. vessel diameter is equal to liquid level. For different geometries same process results are obtained by using appropriate number of impellers. Actual batch geometry is converted to square geometry, where Teq is the Equivalent diameter.

  • simplifying Power Systems Analysis amp Design

    Simplifying Power Systems Analysis Amp Design

    voltage drop calculations, impact motor starting, traditional fault analysis, demand and design load analysis, feeder, raceway and transformer sizing, and panel, MCC, and switchboard schedule specification. Load FlowVoltage Drop With DAPPER, users can calculate the voltage drop on each feeder and transformer branch, voltage on