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  • Use of recycled concrete as aggregate Final report

    Use Of Recycled Concrete As Aggregate Final Report

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence that replacing natural coarse aggregate with recycled concrete aggregate RCA has on concrete bond strength with reinforcing steel. Two sources of RCA were used along with one natural aggregate source. Numerous aggregate properties were measured for all aggregate sources.

  • PDF Mechanical Properties of Recycled Coarse Aggregate

    Pdf Mechanical Properties Of Recycled Coarse Aggregate

    Aug 21, 2021 The flexural performance of steel fiber-reinforced concrete made with recycled concrete aggregates RCA and desert dune sand was investigated. Natural aggregates were replaced by 30, 70, and 100 ...

  • Experimental Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Experimental Performance Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Apr 27, 2021 In order to study the mechanical properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete-filled Square Steel Tubular RACFSST stub columns after fire exposure, a total of 37 specimens were exposed to heating temperatures and cooling phases including natural cooling and water spray cooling, and the axial compression tests were subsequently conducted. The failure modes, axial load versus

  • An Overview of Recycled Concrete Aggregate ETM Recycling

    An Overview Of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Etm Recycling

    Sep 27, 2020 Recycled concrete aggregate is the term used to describe the material produced from crushed construction and demolition waste, primarily consisting of concrete but also including aggregate materials such as sand, gravel, slag, and crushed stones. Recycled aggregates are only classified as recycled concrete aggregates RCA when the primary ...

  • Behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete filled stainless

    Behaviour Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Filled Stainless

    Mar 26, 2013 Past research indicates that recycled aggregate concrete RAC could be successfully used in concrete-filled steel tubular CFST columns. Their yielded performance is almost as good as that of the traditional CFST columns. In addition, as a comparatively new construction material, stainless steel can be used to replace carbon steel for enhancing the durability and ductility of CFST columns ...

  • Influence of the Steel Fiber Content on the Flexural

    Influence Of The Steel Fiber Content On The Flexural

    Nov 12, 2020 Steel fiber recycled aggregate concrete SFRAC is mainly used in roads, bridges, and railways that are subjected to bear wheel load. This paper presents a comparative experimental study on the flexural fatigue behavior of the SFRAC, the natural aggregate concrete NAC, and the recycled aggregate concrete RAC. The results show that, with the use of 1.0ampx0025 volume fraction steel


    Pdf Mechanical Properties Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Dec 27, 2019 This Experimental study deals with the study on mechanical and structural properties of concrete adding steel fibres in percentage 0.5 to 2 with full replacement of recycled aggregate


    Sustainable Construction

    Eco-concrete is defined as concrete with at least 50 by mass of total aggregate content replaced by recycled materials, used for non-structural applications. Typical materials used for aggregate replacement include washed copper slag or recycled aggregates or a combination of both Recycled Aggregate

  • Theoretical Analysis on Mechanical Behavior of Axially

    Theoretical Analysis On Mechanical Behavior Of Axially

    Sep 02, 2015 A new mechanical model for analysing the behaviour of axially loaded recycled aggregate concrete filled steel tubes RACFSTs stub columns is presented in this study. The model is derived from the typical elastoplasticity, the nonlinear elastic mechanics, and the properties of materials. Based on the mechanical model, a novel numerical program is developed.

  • Bond behaviour between recycled aggregate concrete and

    Bond Behaviour Between Recycled Aggregate Concrete And

    Apr 18, 2013 The results of thirty pullout tests carried out on 8 and 10 mm diameter deformed steel bars concentrically embedded in recycled aggregate concrete designed using equivalent mix proportions with coarse recycled concrete aggregate RCA replacement percentages of 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 are reported towards investigation of bond behaviour of RCA concrete. Bond strengths of the natural aggregate ...

  • Seismic Behavior of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Filled

    Seismic Behavior Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Filled

    Nov 07, 2016 This paper presents the results of seismic tests on the recycled aggregate concrete filled steel tube RCFS and recycled aggregate concrete filled glass fiber reinforced plastic GFRP tube RCFF columns. The objective of this study is to evaluate the seismic behavior of steel GFRP tube in-filled recycled aggregate concrete RAC columns.

  • Sustainability Free FullText Properties of Steel

    Sustainability Free Fulltext Properties Of Steel

    In this paper, the feasibility of producing alkali-activated slag concrete for structural applications while utilizing recycled concrete aggregates and steel fibers was evaluated. The hardened properties of concrete made with up to 100 RCA and reinforced with up to 2 steel

  • Flexural performance of reinforced concrete beams made

    Flexural Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Made

    Nov 26, 2020 This article analyzes the flexural performance of reinforced concrete beams produced by granulated blast furnace slag GBFS as a substitute for cement, recycled block aggregates RBA as an alternate for ordinary coarse aggregate, normal steel fiber and staplers and polypropylene fibers. Ten reinforced concrete beams with a cross section. 90 mm wide, 150 mm depth and a length of 1000

  • Shear Strength of Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Shear Strength Of Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Dec 18, 2020 This paper is related to a laboratory program for the shear strength of reinforced concrete corbels RCC cast with or without recycled aggregate RA by investigating the main parameters affecting the corbels behavior including the replacement aggregate recycling ratio, fcu , and shear span to effective depth ratio ad. Eight specimens were cast and tested.

  • Recycled Aggregates Portland Cement Association

    Recycled Aggregates Portland Cement Association

    Recycled Aggregate Characteristics. The crushing characteristics of hardened concrete are similar to those of natural rock and are not significantly affected by the grade or quality of the original concrete. Recycled concrete aggregates produced from all but the poorest quality original concrete can be expected to pass the same tests required ...

  • Effect of recycled concrete aggregates on strength and

    Effect Of Recycled Concrete Aggregates On Strength And

    This paper investigates the effect of recycled con-crete aggregate RCA on the rate of concrete compressive strength and stiffness gain with time and on the bond strength between seven-wire steel prestressing strand and concrete. The use of RCA did not have a significant effect on the rate of concrete compressive strength or stiffness

  • Response and Modeling of Steel Tubes Filled with Recycled

    Response And Modeling Of Steel Tubes Filled With Recycled

    The engineering properties of concrete with recycled aggregates RAC can vary more widely than normal aggregate concretes NAC. Because concrete-filled steel tubes do not rely solely on the concrete in compression, using RAC in a concrete-filled steel tube RACFST is

  • Experimental Study on the Axial Compression Behavior

    Experimental Study On The Axial Compression Behavior

    Recycled aggregate concrete refers to concrete made by crushing construction solid waste to replace natural coarse aggregates or ne aggregates. At present, recycled aggregate concrete is sparingly used in structures, and its technical research and application has become a topic of common concern for researchers at home and abroad 1.

  • Experimental Investigation of Steel Fibre Reinforced

    Experimental Investigation Of Steel Fibre Reinforced

    Keywords Recycled Aggregate Concrete, Steel Fibres, Steel Fibre Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete. Introduction In todays era, it is of utmost importance that the construction processes should involve the aspects of conservation of natural resources and eco-friendliness. The problem of waste disposal especially that of demolition waste ...


    A Study On Recycled Concrete Aggregates

    the recycled aggregate concrete is almost 85 and 80 of natural aggregate concrete. Amn 2002, concrete having a 28 -day compressive strength of 28 MPa was crushed at ages 1, 3 and 28 days to serve as a source of aggregate for new concrete,

  • Compressive and Flexural Behaviour of Recycled Aggregate

    Compressive And Flexural Behaviour Of Recycled Aggregate

    Compressive and Flexural Behaviour of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Filled RACFST Under Short-term Loadings. Yang, You-Fu Han, Lin-Hai. In Steel and Composite Structures, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2006, p. 257 - 284. Research output Contribution to journal Article Research peer-review

  • Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregates A New

    Performance Of Recycled Concrete Aggregates A New

    Apr 15, 2021 Magnetic separators remove reinforcing steel. Screening removes dirt and other fine particles. The result is a mixture of high-quality mineral aggregates and hardened cement paste. Recycled aggregates for Portland cement concrete PCC are also sorted by size. Recycling old concrete is not without its challenges.

  • Sustainable Recycling of Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag

    Sustainable Recycling Of Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag

    Jan 07, 2021 Sustainable Recycling of Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag as Aggregate in Concrete Effects on the Environmental and Technical Performance Alessandra Diotti 1,, ... silica fumes, recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste, and many other are nonbiodegradable materials used in concrete by replacing one of its components ...

  • Recycled Concrete Aggregate Crushed Concrete Aggregate

    Recycled Concrete Aggregate Crushed Concrete Aggregate

    Recycled Concrete Aggregate is that the use of debris from dismantled concrete structures. utilization is cheaper and a lot of ecological than truckage debris to a lowland.. Crushed debris is often used for road gravel, revetments, holding walls, landscaping gravel, or staple for brand spanking new concrete. giant items are often used as bricks or slabs or incorporated with new concrete into ...

  • Experimental Study on High Strength Concrete with

    Experimental Study On High Strength Concrete With

    process that separates the various sizes of recycled aggregate. The cover to the plant is made up of a series of large sieves separates the materials into the size required. Recycling of Portland Cement Concrete stated that the size of screen that used to separate the coarse recycled concrete aggregate and fine recycled aggregate is 38 inch.

  • Experimental Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Experimental Performance Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    This paper is an attempt to study the cyclic performances of recycled aggregate concrete RAC-filled steel tubular columns. Thirteen specimens with circular section, including 10 RAC-filled steel tubular RACFST columns and 3 reference normal concrete-filled steel tubular CFST columns, were tested under constant axial load and cyclically increasing flexural loadings.

  • Corrosion Behavior of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete

    Corrosion Behavior Of Steel Reinforcement In Concrete

    aggregate and the concrete made with recycled concrete showed a lower compressive strength, so it had to be compensated with an excessive amount of cement. Other aspect reflected in that review is the higher water absorption of the recycled aggregate concrete, produced due to the porosity of the cement paste contained in the recycled aggregate.

  • Structural Behaviour of Composite Members with

    Structural Behaviour Of Composite Members With

    Concrete filled steel tubular CFST columns are an effective means to improve the mechanical properties of concrete. In view of the advantages of concrete filled steel tubular columns, recycled aggregate concrete filled steel tube RACFST, in which the natural aggregates are partly or totally replaced by the recycled aggregates,

  • Recycled aggregate concrete filled steel SHS beam

    Recycled Aggregate Concrete Filled Steel Shs Beam

    Recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tube RACFST causes the recycled aggregate concrete RAC to be in a state of protection with the outer steel tube and thus the RAC is hardly affected by ...

  • Compressive and flexural behaviour of recycled aggregate

    Compressive And Flexural Behaviour Of Recycled Aggregate

    Recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tube RACFST could be a practical structural application of recycled aggregate concrete RAC with fine recycled aggregate FRA. Despite its great ...

  • End of life recycling

    End Of Life Recycling

    Recycled concrete is a viable source of aggregate and has been satisfactorily used in granular subbases, soil-cement, and in new concrete. Recycled aggregates are classified in one of two ways, as Recycled Aggregate RA, or as. Recycled Concrete Aggregate RCA. With a growing commitment to recycling construction waste materials, there is now ...

  • A Study on the Structural Characteristic of Recycled

    A Study On The Structural Characteristic Of Recycled

    In this study, a sample was fabricated according to the recycled aggregate replacement level0, 30, 60, and the steel fiber mixing status in order to use recycled aggregate as a concrete ...

  • Axial compression behavior of basalt fiberreinforced

    Axial Compression Behavior Of Basalt Fiberreinforced

    Sep 04, 2021 This study aimed to determine the mechanical properties of the basalt fiber-reinforced recycled aggregate concrete BFRRAC-filled square steel tubular stub columns under axial compression. The repla...

  • Experimental Assessment of Stainless and Carbon Steel

    Experimental Assessment Of Stainless And Carbon Steel

    In order to further promote the use of recycled aggregate concrete in practice, axial compression tests were carried out for 7 CFRP circular steel tubular confined recycled aggregate concrete columns.

  • Experimental Investigation on Columns of Steel Fiber

    Experimental Investigation On Columns Of Steel Fiber

    To improve the structural application of steel fiber-reinforced concrete with recycled aggregates SFRC-RA composited in gradation by large-particle natural coarse aggregate and small-particle recycled coarse aggregate, the large eccentric compression behavior of eight SFRC-RA columns was experimentally investigated in this paper.