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  • Study on a 5axis precision and mirror grinding of glass

    Study On A 5axis Precision And Mirror Grinding Of Glass

    Oct 01, 2016 It is shown that the ground freeform glass lens reached to mirror surface see Fig. 12b. According to the theoretical results shown in Fig. 10, the grain cutting depth d g of 65.7 nm was much less than the critical cutting depth d c of 371 nm, thus leading to ductile-mode mirror grinding.

  • Robotic mirror grinding ATM Optics and DIY Forum

    Robotic Mirror Grinding Atm Optics And Diy Forum

    May 31, 2021 It is not a robot, but just a pattern of polishing. For big aperture though, spinning a large mirror and moving a large polisher might be too much work. That is why the mirror lab spun caste their glass to avoid hogging, and then had a robot go around grinding and polishing the high spots. Or maybe they spun ground it.

  • Build your own telescope part 1 The mirror Thomas

    Build Your Own Telescope Part 1 The Mirror Thomas

    Rough grinding. This step is about making one side of the glass concave. It will give your mirror its overall focal ratio. If you make the centre deep, you will end up with a fast telescope e.g. FD 4 well suited for deep sky observations. On the opposite, a shallow mirror e.g. FD 8 will be performing very well on planets and the moon.

  • UltraPrecision Grinding Characteristics in Optical Glass

    Ultraprecision Grinding Characteristics In Optical Glass

    Asymmetric glass lens core for portable projection optic system was designed and simulated. And it was machined by newly developed non-rotational ultra precision grinding method.

  • Grinding amp Polishing Photonchina

    Grinding Amp Polishing Photonchina

    Jan 22, 2020 Photonchina uses single-sided polishing methods for a variety of optical components quartz waveplate, filters, prisms, windows, mirrors as well as crystals like BBO, LBO,YVO4, etc. Typically, components range in size from 10mm diameter to 800mm diameter. Other sizes are achievable depending on both machine and component size and type.

  • Common Optical Defects in Lens Systems Aberrations

    Common Optical Defects In Lens Systems Aberrations

    Sep 10, 2018 The highest-quality modern microscope objectives address spherical aberrations in a number of ways including special lens-grinding techniques, improved glass formulations, and better control of optical pathways. Objectives that are highly corrected for spherical aberration are often designed for specific conditions, such as strict cover glass ...

  • Making a homemade mirror grinding machine ATM

    Making A Homemade Mirror Grinding Machine Atm

    Mar 06, 2006 Gordon will know more about the math for different mirrors and different sizes. I recall for mine it was about a 70 tool diameter. The bucket Gordon used to make the tile tool was 8 1516 , 70 of 12.5 ends up at 8 34 . Looking back at my notes I used the tile tool primarily at the 70 zone of the mirror.


    Telescope Mirror Blanks Advanced Glass

    AGI also supplies Schott SUPREMAX 33 mirror blanks. SUPREMAX 33 is a borosilicate Pyrex equivalent, and is an excellent alternative for telescope mirror blanks. Our blanks have the following standard characteristics Precision annealed material 6 Mu or less guaranteed Edges diamond ground with a 220 grit finish. Dimensional tolerances -.010.

  • mirror grinding kit grind and polish telescope mirror at

    Mirror Grinding Kit Grind And Polish Telescope Mirror At

    All our Mirror Kits contain a Pilkington Float Glass mirror blank and Grinding Tool. These arefinished with fine ground edges. 180 grade first stage ginding powder. 400 grade ginding powder. 303 grade smoothing powder. Top quality Cerium Oxide Polishing powder.

  • Document sans nom Astrosurf

    Document Sans Nom Astrosurf

    Document sans nom. Grinding action of a polishing lap Many different factors come into action when a polishing lap is used to wear away glass. So much so that it is illusory to put this action into an equation. Yet, in order to understand better how optical surfaces are brought to the correct shape we can identify and study different ...

  • US1171174A Parabolicmirrorgrinding machine Google

    Us1171174a Parabolicmirrorgrinding Machine Google

    US1171174A US86695214A US1914866952A US1171174A US 1171174 A US1171174 A US 1171174A US 86695214 A US86695214 A US 86695214A US 1914866952 A US1914866952 A US 1914866952A US 1171174 A US1171174 A US 1171174A Authority US United States Prior art keywords shaft tool slide parabolic axis Prior art date 1914-10-16 Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a


    Method For Manufacturing Rotational Nonaxisymmetric Lens

    TECHNICAL FIELD. The present invention relates to an optical element, such as a lens and a reflection mirror formed by cutting, polishing, grinding or plastic injection molding, and, more particularly, relates to a method for manufacturing an optical element having a lens surface and a mirror surface shaped into a free curved surface, an eccentric aspheric surface or others.

  • CNC Glass Machining Edmund Optics

    Cnc Glass Machining Edmund Optics

    Advantages of CNC Glass Machining. CNC machining offers numerous advantages over conventional grinding and polishing for fabricating optical components including 24 Hour Operation. CNC machines have the ability to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, only needing to be switched off for maintenance or repair. Complex Component Geometries.

  • Removing Foreground Occlusions in Light Field using Micro

    Removing Foreground Occlusions In Light Field Using Micro

    Second, the precision and mirror micro-grinding along with the form errors of freeform micro-lens array was observed on the base of the transfer from brittle-mode removal to ductile-mode removal.

  • Lens amp Mirror Making Best lenses and mirrors are both

    Lens Amp Mirror Making Best Lenses And Mirrors Are Both

    Lens amp Mirror Making Best lenses and mirrors are both made by grinding the surface Start with a mirror or lens blank For mirrors only surface needs to be good Typical mirror want pyrex eg BK7 Then need a tool blank poorer glass amp softer glass Place mirror on top tool Now add grinding compound grit between ...

  • Making a Concave Mirror University of Arizona

    Making A Concave Mirror University Of Arizona

    Jan 18, 2018 Making a Concave Mirror Using 15th Century Technology. I decided to see if I could make a suitable concave mirror using only technology that would have been available in the 15th century, with the goal of producing a mirror lens of the specifications we calculated from Lottos painting i.e. 54 cm focal length and 2.5cm diameter.

  • Hand Grinding a Telescope Mirror Make

    Hand Grinding A Telescope Mirror Make

    May 30, 2014 This is how you make a telescope mirror out of a hunk of glass Use a sand mixture and another piece of glass to grind away the middle of a concave shape. Repeat with finer and finer grit sand. Dave Barosso demonstrates the technique, but to do it yourself, try to visit one of the Telescope Makers Workshops classes on Friday nights in Oakland.

  • How to Properly Clean Your Lenses Filters Mirror and

    How To Properly Clean Your Lenses Filters Mirror And

    Aug 07, 2015 Before anything, be sure to remove as much debris as you can with the two aforementioned methods, lest you may end up grinding it into the glass. Personally, Im a big fan of Zeiss microfiber ...

  • San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Notes from John

    San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Notes From John

    Overall process for grinding the mirror. The mirror is ground using a tool . The tool is a round glass blank slightly smaller and thinner than the mirror blank itself. First, rough grind the mirror blank with coarse abrasive to get the basic curve. Do a basic check for the mirrors focal length.

  • All About Glass Corning Museum of Glass

    All About Glass Corning Museum Of Glass

    Dec 01, 2011 Mirrors are easier to make in large sizes than lenses and can concentrate the light of the dim images from deep space. Reflecting telescopes are currently used for space exploration. On March 25th, 1934, in Corning, New York, the largest disk, made of a special glass containing borax borosilicate glass, was poured.

  • diy Is it possible for a hobbyist to create a lens

    Diy Is It Possible For A Hobbyist To Create A Lens

    Grind a lens - Definitely. I cant find the link now, but I saw an argument once that grinding and, by extension, polishing a good lens is easier than grinding a mirror, since the curves for a given f ratio are steeper with a lens, so errors show up more prominently during testing.

  • How to Grind glass 171 Glass Crafts WonderHowTo

    How To Grind Glass 171 Glass Crafts Wonderhowto

    Mar 04, 2008 How ToGrind glass. Grind glass. By Robin Mansur. 3308 602 PM. WonderHowTo. Learn about grinding glass using various methods with experts from the Corning Museum of Glass

  • All About Glass Corning Museum of Glass

    All About Glass Corning Museum Of Glass

    Oct 03, 2011 All About Glass. For the American astronomer George Ellery Hale, bigger was always better. In 1897, at the age of 29, he had become director of Chicagos new Yerkes Observatory, whose 40-inch refracting telescope remains the largest instrument of its kind in the world. The lenses of refractors collected and focused light, but Hale found that ...

  • Precision polishing materials MerchandiseMabuchi SampT Inc

    Precision Polishing Materials Merchandisemabuchi Sampt Inc

    C GC GC is a green-colored lapping material of silicon carbide, well known for its high purity of SiC content. Being widely used as a polishing material for precision lapping and dicing of crystals and ferrite materials, wire-saw cutting of Si ingots, manufacturing other carbide metals and sharp instruments, as well as processing soft metals such as brass and cupper alloys and resin ...

  • MirroroMatic mirror making machine ATM pages of

    Mirroromatic Mirror Making Machine Atm Pages Of

    Mirror-O-Matic grinding machine. When I decided in 2009 after a ten-year break to get into mirror making again, it quickly became clear to me that I would need to construct machine, as hand grinding big mirrors is not something very beneficial for the hands of a musician.

  • Surface Quality Inspection of Optical ComponentsHigh

    Surface Quality Inspection Of Optical Componentshigh

    Apr 06, 2020 Specific identification method can refer to the national standard GB T 2831-2009. The spherical measurement method is similar to the plane measurement, except that the standard mirror group of the interferometer is replaced with a spherical standard mirror group. ... For convex lens, auxiliary convex mirrors are used for measurement, as shown ...

  • 6 Tips of Mold Polishing Techniques Diamond Grinding tools

    6 Tips Of Mold Polishing Techniques Diamond Grinding Tools

    Dec 19, 2019 The ultra-precise grinding polishing adopts a special grinding tool and pressed against the surface of the workpiece for high-speed rotation in the polishing liquid containing abrasives. It can achieve the surface roughness of Ra0.008m by the technology. Optical lens molds often applied this method. Chemical polishing

  • Early Reflectors Cosmology Tools AIP

    Early Reflectors Cosmology Tools Aip

    One landmark was the Dioptrique of Ren Descartes, appended to his Discourse on Method of 1637. Here Descartes addressed the problem of spherical aberration a slight blurring of any image that was created by a lens or mirror curved like a segment of a sphere.

  • Tiny lenses Lens on Leeuwenhoek

    Tiny Lenses Lens On Leeuwenhoek

    The three methods Leeuwenhoek used to make his lensesgrinding, blowing, and drawing.First came eyeglasses. For centuries after Alhazen and Roger Bacon first described lenses, people ground crude glass lenses to aid sight. Magnification of two or three times was usually sufficient. In addition, the human eye doesnt need very much of the lens at any given time, so the lens does not need ...

  • How I make Telescope Mirror Blanks

    How I Make Telescope Mirror Blanks

    I have started rough grinding one of my home-made 10in glass blanks. Here is an action shot of me, pushin glass. I am aiming for an f5 mirror. I am working with the experts at the SPAC Mirror Lab on the fabrication and testing of this mirror. It will probably take me a few months at least to complete this mirror, and build a scope for it.

  • Telescope Mirror Blanks

    Telescope Mirror Blanks

    Thin plate glass mirror blanks are lighter than standard mirror blanks, which allows you more flexibility in designing your telescope tube assembly and mount. When grinding a telescope mirror, you will find that plate glass takes less time to grind and polish than a mirror made from borosilicate glass. Please see the Buy Telescope Mirror Blanks

  • Telescope Mirrors Blanks Secondaries Grinding Materials

    Telescope Mirrors Blanks Secondaries Grinding Materials

    All the Mirrors in this range come with Ronchi, Foucault and Testing Data. 300mm 12 Glass F5 Parabolic Mirror 1480AUD 300mm 12 Glass F6 Parabolic Mirror 1400AUD 350mm 13.7 Glass F5 Parabolic Mirror 1800AUD 350mm 13.7 Glass F6 Parabolic Mirror 1700AUD 400mm 15.8 Glass F5 Parabolic Mirror 1980AUD 450mm 17.7 Glass F5 ...

  • Making a telescope mirror with resin ATM Optics and

    Making A Telescope Mirror With Resin Atm Optics And

    Nov 05, 2018 as seen on YouTube. I gave up mirror making decades ago. My last mirror was a 10 f4.3, and I kept a detailed log of the process, totaling 120 hours, using the old around-the-barrel Amateur Telescope Making methods. You can now buy a used scope for what a mirror kit used to cost taking 98 currency debasement into consideration.

  • Parabolic Mirror Grinding Machines Products amp Suppliers

    Parabolic Mirror Grinding Machines Products Amp Suppliers

    Intrinsic Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. ICC Reflect Mirror, Znse Mirror, Optical Mirrors CO2 reflect mirror and focus lens is used together to change the direction of the laser path, making the laser machines shape more casual , more applicable. Usually a complete beam path outside the laser tube requires three reflect mirror and a focus lens. Laser will loss when it travels, so the laser ...

  • Creating Lenses On Cheap CNC Machines Hackaday

    Creating Lenses On Cheap Cnc Machines Hackaday

    Mar 09, 2019 Glass lenses almost an extinct material in the US lens industry bump that up by several hours, and then there is almost another day of tempering for the glass lens though newest tech is ...